Performance Foodservice is product suppliers. They distribute more than me a hundred and twenty-five thousand food and food-related products thousands of locations across the country. Their two hundred thousand products are delivered to their one hundred and twenty-five thousand customers, and they have over ten thousand employees.



The company has two divisions; the food division and the beverage division. The food division supplies food produce, refrigerated food, dry groceries, paper goods, frozen food, and meats to institutional businesses, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, nursing homes, and schools. The beverage division, however, markets Bud Ice, Busch, Budweiser, Natural light, Michael Bob Ultra, wine, energy drinks, spirits, imported beer brands, and other Anheuser-Busch related products.



According to Forbes, its estimated revenue is said to be $3.5B. They provides fresh food produce, seafood, beef, and other items to convenience stores, educational facilities and health care, restaurants, and other customers in thirty-three states. As of 2018, the company had two thousand six hundred employees. Currently, the company’s headquarter is at Conklin, New York.




The company is concerned with the distribution and manufacturing of high-quality food and food-related products.  They provide excellent customer services and give expert advice to customers when needed. Their staffs also make it easier for customers to get what they want.

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