How to find grocery Distributors

How to find grocery Distributors

Finding grocery distributors would have been a very stressful task without technology and the Internet. The Internet has, however, made this job easier. To find grocery distributors, you can go online, input the right keywords, and the search engine would bring up hundreds, if not thousands of results. It is then up to you to click on any of the results and get the information you need.

Grocery distributors create marketing campaigns to get customers to talk about them and their products. They make use of different marketing channels for their campaigns. However, social media is still one of the most popular marketing channels adopted by distributors.

They use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others to make targeted audiences know about the product. The goal of this strategy is to get more visitors to their platforms. The more the visitors, the more their customers’ increases.


How To Find Grocery Distributors

  • To find grocery distributors, you can search for them on social media platforms. Not all grocery distribution companies have a strong or influential online presence. Still, you can be sure to find a lot of grocery distributors on different social media platforms. You can then contact them to garner more information.


  • To find grocery distributors, you can also check magazines, brochures, newspapers to see if adverts of any distribution store would be put up. Occasionally, food distribution stores put up adverts of a new product, a new region they are distributing to, or they put up their new price lists for specific products; they can offer discounts or limited time offer on their products.


They run these ads to make customers aware of the information they are sharing and how beneficial it can be to them. You can take advantage of this opportunity and scout grocery distribution stores you can find.


  • Moreover, you can reach out to their customers. One of the Surest ways of contacting a grocery distributor is by getting accurate information from their customers. Thru can be wholesale buyers, retailers, or final customers.


For these customers to maintain their customer status, it would mean that they are in contact with the distributor, have access to the distributor, and there is an existing business relationship between those customers and the distributors. You can, therefore, reach out to their customers and get the information needed to contact the grocery distribution store directly.


  • There are other individuals you can also reach to get across to the needed grocery distributor. You could get in touch with bloggers and sales representatives. Some grocery distributors employ bloggers to feature their company and their products to get traffic and recognition on their online stores. In comparison, sales representatives help distribution stores/wholesalers represent and promote their products.