The process of planning, enforcing, controlling the efficient, effective storage and supply of products has made the distributing industry one of the most demanding industries from a management (logistics) point of view.

Groceries are retail and basic foodstuffs gotten from a grocer, also known as a grocery shop. A grocery shop or store is a retail store where food produces, either fresh, dry, frozen, or preserved in other forms are sold. Some grocery stores also stock non-edible items like clothing, accessories, appliances, tools, and more for sales.

Types of Groceries Stores





Grocery Distribution Centre

A distribution center is a building or a storehouse where products produced by a manufacturing company are shipped to and from. Distribution centers are essential parts of the distribution chain. They are compulsory in ensuring order fulfillment, and adequate storage of goods to keep them in perfect conditions before shipment to final retailers or consumers, as the case may be.

Grocery distribution centres are distribution centres that primarily stock grocery goods. Some of their popular equipments are: